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VGA Text Scanlines


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Aug 13, 2009
I didn't like how my LCD monitor displays VGA text modes and low resolution graphics modes using the same display mode. I needed to adjust the monitor every time when switching between games and DOS prompt. I was wondering if using 350 scanlines for text mode would help. It did and now I can use different monitor settings for text and graphics modes.

I made three very simple programs to change text mode resolution for VGA cards. Programs are here. If I ever have time, I'll make a single program with command line parameters and without need to use mode.com.

Here are the instructions (from readme.txt inside the zip).
vga200.com sets text modes to use 200 scanlines (8x8 font, same as CGA).
vga350.com sets text modes to use 350 scanlines (8x14 font, same as EGA).
vga400.com sets text modes to use 400 scanlines (8x16 font, VGA default).

You need to use mode.com (comes with DOS) to change display mode after
running any of the above .com programs.

You will most likely want to use 80x25 mode with colors so use
mode.com with CO80 parameter.