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Vic-20 carts 16k, 8k, Programer


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Jun 1, 2003
Bellevue, Colorado
Hi all. I am new here but not there. I have tons of feedbacks all over. Mainly Egay. %00+. NA, DP, AA, Sega 16 and Shmups. So there should be no worries. This is what I do. Anyways....

I have some interesting Vic-20 carts for sale. Hopefully to a good home.

I have
Vic-1111 16K RAM Cartridge
Vic-1111 16K RAM Cartridge
Vic-1110 8K RAM Cartridge
Vic-1212 Programer's Aid Cartridge
Vic-1212 Programer's Aid Cartridge
Vic-1213 Machine Language Monitor Cartridge

I also have a board that you can connect 4 of these to and then stick in the console? Made by Data 20 Corp. 23011 Moulton Prwy Suite b-10 Laguna Hills CA 92653

Thats the Vic stuff then I also got some IBM, Tandy games

Kings Quest IV
Kings Quest V
Tunnels of Armaggedon
Math Climbers II
Mind Games

All CIB and nice except Mind Games is squashed.

Everything is for sale. Thanx RASK1904