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Vintage Univac Boards


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Mar 31, 2004
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I will accept any reasonable offer from any collector, no dealers please! I want to find permant homes for my collections. I have many UNIVAC boards, very early, probably prototypes from the appearance, they are Transistorized versions of vacuum tube boards of the era, just dual flip-flops, etc., that I would like to sell or trade for just about anything usefull, electronic, optical, lab, etc. I do not want to nor do I have the time to sell these on eBay. I've gotten as high as $250.00 on eBay for a board but also only got $10.00 for a totally wire wrapped board marked prototype which I thought was worth more than the $250.00 one. I'm wondering where the best place would be to list them, photographs of both sides showing the names of the inspectors, where they were made, dates, revisions, etc., and where I could hopefully gather more information about them. Anyone interested is welcome to e-mail me at this E-mail or paul@embry.com if you include Univc in the subject so it isn't tossed into the spam folder. I can provide board numbers, any resolution photographs, up to 3264 X 2448 pixels. I also will give a 7 day right of return for any reason, no questions as long as board matches photographs. Postage and insurance being your only responsibility.
I no longer have the time or space to maintain my collections, these boards being a small fraction of what I have acquired over the years.
I would consider selling them or trading them a board at a time or all. See my sales record at eBay under embry.com. I will ship World wide, any carrier, PayPal is the prefered method of payment but any method will suffice.
If traded, we will have to negotiate shipping, insurance, etc.


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Apr 26, 2005
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Best Offer

Best Offer

Well, I can't offer you much money, but I can ofer you a tax break and a bit of fame. If you care to donate anything to our museum we will acknowledge it in writing and will list you on the web site as the donor.

We might be able to trade you something where we have duplicates. Not everything is listed on the web site yet, so feel free to ask.

A. G. (Gil) Carrick, Director
The Museum@CSE
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