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Visiting an Apple Computer reseller - The Dream Repository, April 5th, 2021


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Apr 28, 2016
Having an interest in older Apple Computers again recently, I managed to find a flea market like thrift shop that was selling specifically Apple Computer gear. That was their whole purpose, to serve the public with affordably priced retro Apple gear. :cool:


Much to my surprise, there were quite a few people eagerly lined up to enter the shop around 9AM Monday morning. It felt like we were standing in line for eternity when finally I just decided to enter the main waiting lobby without any indication the shop was open. In fact, they weren't. You could still see the guys setting up tons of Apple gear on tables in the room when I was veering around to see what was going on or taking so long.

Realizing they weren't ready, I was about to leave and wait until I spotted a nice Macintosh Quadra system with what appeared to be a brand new Apple CRT display with a sticker price of only $75. Kind of pricey in 2021 for an old monitor but also not a bad deal considering how rare they're all considered. I knew at very least I would like to pick up the monitor.

After a short while had passed, they were open and a few people started tricking in. Some employees to the side still setting up and forgetting that we're still needing to wear a mask, I forgot mine but noticed the owner of the shop and 3 employees also weren't wearing one. I glanced over to the owner, looked like a guy in his early 50's with a full beard but short and short brown hair in a typical button-up, leaning back in his chair sort of eyeing me smuggly.

I ask if it's ok to not wear a mask or if I should put one one, in which he replied: "Does it look like I give a sh!t?!" :mad: So we went on to talk about Apple and Xerox, shared a few laughs and started talking about their local computer club they had started to setup, wanting to make sure all the customers were on the list to join their group on the weekends.

I'm not sure if I ended up leaving with that nice Apple RGB display or not but we had a good time! #itwasjustadream