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Wanted: Displaywriter Software


Jun 28, 2020
Hi, I'm looking for the program software for the Displaywriter. Everything except DOS seems to be on the bitsavers database, but I don't have the ability to get the files onto 8 inch diskettes. I have blank 8 inch diskettes but I need someone who can help with getting the files on them. Thanks in advance.
Does your system have single or double-sided diskette drives (1 or 2 on the disk drive handle)
It matters.
Anybody? I'd love to get Chartpack, Reportpack, and CP/M. I'm just looking for someone to image the disks I already have with the files in the database. I would pay you for your time.
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I just managed to get my IBM 6580 up and running. It runs a Dutch version of TextPack.

Maybe I can be of any help, I am not sure?
I'd be glad to make the disks for you if you send me the right image files. I've got a good stack of used SSSD 8" floppies that I've tested good so I can donate those. I just ask that you pay shipping.
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