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Pacific Northwest Wanted: Dump and Copy 8742 Keyboard Microcontroller (US)

Covers: Oregon and Washington


Experienced Member
Mar 21, 2009
Seattle, WA
I have a few identical AST 286 motherboards, but I am missing keyboard microcontrollers on two of them. They are 8742 (P8742AH) microcontroller chips.

I have a USB programmer but it does not support these - my understanding is that with a Willem programmer and an MCS-48 adapter it is possible to dump and write the contents of these. Or if it's not possible to dump, at least it may be possible to write a generic AT keyboard microcontroller's code to one and I can probably use that.

I have four windowed intel D8742 EPROMs I can supply, as well as one of the original AST keyboard controllers to read from. I'd like that the contents be read from the existing controller, saved (so we can upload that online) and then copied to the D8742s. I only need two, but I can't really test if the EPROMs are good to begin with, so I figure I may as well send all four I have here.

I am in the Pacific Northwest and I think it would be most simple to send this back and forth by mail to anyone in the US.

This is a little outside of my knowledge range so if I am wrong about some details please let me know. (For instance, if a D8742 cant be substituted for a P8742AH, or something...)
I'm in the Seattle area (Bellevue/Redmond area). My device programmer supports Intel 8742 vpp=21V and Intel 8742AH vpp=12.5V devices. Mailing back and forth might still be cheaper than gas and the 520 toll.
Oh great. I had sent you a PM a few days back (because you were listed on this page here). Maybe your inbox was full. Not sure how that works
The D8742 eproms seem to be listed as vpp=21V - so that sounds right.

And yes, I wouldn't have thought of that, but mail is probably cheaper than gas and toll.
Sorry about that. Most of the time I just browse the forum in read-only mode without bothering to log in so I don't see PM notifications (and even when logged in I don't always notice the PM notifications).
Hi, I wrote you a reply - just following up here in case you didn't check the PM notification. But basically, my other controller I have is an 8742AH for sure, and you can feel free to check under the sticker to confirm its the same with the one I sent you. (I suppose it could be some other 8742 variant?)