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Wanted List


Experienced Member
Mar 4, 2009
Omaha, NE USA
Things I be looking for and would like to acquire if you have one of them stashed away somewhere: :)

Commodore 1551 Floppy Drive
AE ColorLink Digital RGB (or analog, but digital preferred)
Tandy CoCo MultiPak Interface
68000 CPU Card and RAM for Tandy 6000
HD controller for Tandy 6000
VAX Station or MicroVAX (4000VLC, 3100 M38 or higher, 2000) in order of preference. 2000 is slow but I like the smallness of it. :)
--- Or if you're close to me a QBUS pedestal VAX.
Dead ADAM floppy drive (I have one with a bad controller that won't write, I've traced this out so I know the controller is bad).

To many things to trade to even list here. But highlights are:
Amiga 500
Commodore 128DCR
TRS-80 Model I (with some testing I probably have everything except floppy drives)
Sun Ultra 2