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Well it's finally ready!


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Jan 29, 2006
South Jersey
A few months ago, I had a great idea for a web-site. I didn't do much with the idea until last Monday (1/1). I bought hosting and started working with the wiki software. Now, less than a week later, modelnumber.org is ready for use, and even has a few good example pages ready. I have a full description of the site under "Getting Started", but real quick.... Model Number is like Wikipedia, but specifically for computers and electronics! As it's name suggests, an individual model.... say an IBM Model 5150, will have it's own page, with some specifications, and a couple of pictures. Or maybe someone has the Service Manual in a PDF file; that could also be available for download within the page. There is not much on the site now, but by bringing it to you all with the equipment, I hope to have it grow to one of the best places for finding info about older computers, and electronics! Please check it out, and go through the first three items under "Getting Started" on the Main Page. Have fun with it!

Thank you for your time


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May 3, 2003

Better start entering some data! I'll take care of the IBM PCjr Model 4860 for you. :)

Best of luck,