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Will a Full Length ISA card fit on an IBM 300PL's riser card?


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Apr 8, 2023
Hello, not sure if a early 2000s pc is vintage, but my 30+ year old LAPC-I is indeed, and it needs a new home.

I have seen a fair priced IBM 300PL 6862 on a local facebook marketplace that I might buy, as it has 2 ISA slots and a fairly oomphy Pentium II cpu. but I need to be sure it will fit a full length 8-bit ISA card, because I have an ancient Roland soundboard of this length (13" / 33 cm) I want to install. They are shy of 5 inches tall / 121.6 mm.

It is hard to tell if the card will fit from the pictures I have seen on Oldcomputer.info. The seller have no idea, unfortunately, and I'm not able to pop over and check myself.
From the pictures I have seen, and the available documentation for the 300PL 6862 I didn't manage to find a clear answer.

The case length of the 300PL desktop looks to be around 45 cm according to the Technical Reference manual. Since the riser card is mounted angular, and the two ISA slots are placed at the edge of it, they will be very close to the motherboard itself, so any card on the riser should only take up about 25 mm vertical space.

Question is if that is clearance enough. The cd-rom and floppy drive bays are definitely in that area where the end of the ISA card will be, but they are position high in the case, and the card is positioned low. So here is hoping.

In the late 1990s, full length ISA cards were definitely very rare, and I guess they kept the ISA slot because of many people using Sound Blaster cards. So full length ISA support might not have been top of mind of everyone, but IBM being IBM, I hope that their engineers were aware of FULL compliance with the ISA PC card max dimensions and snuck it into the spec without notifying Marketing.

But I would really love if there was a fellow 300PL'er that could help me confirm if or if not a full length ISA card matches and have enough clearance to anything like drive bays, connectors, transistors and what not.

My goal is to rebuild an MS-DOS era / early Windows 98 capable gaming pc, including the late 80s / mid 90s sound devices such as pre-midi and Sound Blaster cards.

Thank you for your time reading this,
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Mar 15, 2010
Late to the party, but I think I can help a I believe I have any IBM 300PL that I can open and check. Generally, IBM was pretty good about making at least one slot able to use a full length card without a problem, so I would assume it wouldn't be an issue.