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Windows 3.1

I started windows development under 2.1, runnable under real mode, 286 mode, and later 386 mode. Had to write own VM manager (paged), fun and dangerous days (you could recompile a running program, and if you were lucky it just rebooted the machine,, if unlucky, you lost tons of files….
Hi all.
I'm trying to connect Windows 3.11 with the Internet. not an emulator, real hardware.
I found an interesting project on the Internet with which you can create and administer web pages using DOS, Windows 3.11 or Windows 95. 90s technologies are very close to me. That was when I first became acquainted with the Internet.
and I want a website. after a long search I found this engine HamsterCMS
I'm looking for instructions on how to make the html template display normally in a text browser and not break, I don't need a complex one, I want a simple template with a horizontal menu at the top of 4 pages, that's all I need maybe you can help me with this?
Are there any sites with old templates that can be adapted?
I'm an 80s/90s Dos Win3x Nerd, ADHD is fUn!

I'm currently Trying to "Make": Windows 3.95, in 86Box (New at 86Box as well, needed lite footprint at work)

Either: Downgrade Win9x, probably 98lite, then set shell=Progman.exe: this lets me utilize DirectX for DirectPadPro Drivers with a Parallel Port & Multiple NES/SNES controllers.
Win3.xfw Fully Updated with Win32s, WinG, VBRun, etc... I was a Calmira Fan Day 1, but that's Optional, I like Progman.exe
I have Both running, but never done lol, Ultimate 3.x\MsDos Game system with Office Tools for Mom & Dad. I have recently come upon a few P2/3/4 systems that I am trying to brush up & have an Idea set of what all has come about since I did this 20 years ago before I build the systems.