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World of Commodore 2020 (Virtual) - Dec 5 - 10AM to 10PM


Sep 28, 2008
Ocean, NJ
The organizers of World of Commodore have decided to do a slimmed-down, Virtual-Only World of Commodore this year on December 5, 2020, through Zoom and YouTube.

The page with the preliminary info is here:


Will be updated as they go along. Soon they'll be looking for volunteers to help out with various things (i.e. Breakout Room moderators, stuff like that). Please email Leif Bloomquist at leif AT schemafactor DOT COM if you're willing/able to help!

They also have a dedicated #woc channel on their Discord server: https://discord.gg/6UTY2aAE6p

The Toronto PET User's Group is pleased to announce the World of Commodore 2020! This year it will be a Virtual event with livestreamed presentations and demos, breakout discussion rooms and more.