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Would anyone care about my collection of 600+ photos of various CRTs?


New Member
Oct 23, 2023
Due to my business (forum post for context), I take a lot of photos of a lot of CRT TVs and monitors. I realized today... maybe you guys would actually care about them? Would it be worth the time to label all the photos of the company name and maybe model number and post them online somewhere? Sometimes I get manuals too and original boxes too. Should I upload high quality scans of those? What about photos of inside the TVs and monitors too?
I was watching a video this morning about "lost media", so maybe there is some TV that no one can find a photo of that I have a photo of? Would anyone pay me for this? 😆
Here are all the photos:


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May 23, 2009
Manuals will be very appreciated. I think there have been several recent threads that would have been simplified by have the manual for that TV. A photo library could be useful for those who want to match a previously owned item. I doubt there will be enough money in it to make up for the effort involved.