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WTB / Need TRS-80 Model 1 Keycaps


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Mar 25, 2015
Mesa, Az
I've got this Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 working after replacing a chip in the Video RAM.

I'm missing three key caps. 'X, ':' and 'BREAK'. Anyone have some spares? Is there a TRS-80 Bone yard?

Wonder if a model 4 keyboard can be a Donner? The break key would be the wrong color though. I believe the model 4 break key is white where the model 1 is black.

TRS-80 Mode 1 Missing KeyCaps.jpg
I sell them
Attached is a photo showing the (2) types of keycaps for the Model 1.
Can you remove a good keycap and take a photo so I can see which one you need
I don't think you can use a Model 4 keyboard (check with Ian)

If interested please contact me at my email address ======> JAYNEWIRTH@VERIZON.NET


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Parts ordered

Parts ordered

I ordered up the three keys from Ian Mavric. Thanks for the link. $5/each plus $4 from Australia and $0.99 from PayPal I guess for currency conversion and funding.

Ian says; "You can't use M4 key caps on this Model I. If you had a later Model I with the ALPS keyboard then you could use M4 key caps on it." Where M4 is the model 4 I asked about using as a donor.

On twitter I learned;


Replying to @theretrowagon
Keys from a Model 4 won't work. Even keys from a later Model I won't work. It looks like both of your systems have the original TRS-80 keyboard, most easily identified by the 8-pointed asterisk (all later I/III/4 asterisks are 6-pointed).
Another way to tell if its an ALPS, the @ will be smaller on the ALPS Model I vs the Cherry being bigger. Thats if you're looking at one online and cant pop it apart.