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British Columbia WTB: Sun Magnetic Timing Probe

British Columbia


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Oct 22, 2008
Kamloops, BC, Canada
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Sold as a universal option for the MEA-1500 and other Sun analyzers of the same time period (1980 through 1994). Looks like a flexible gooseneck with a pull handle on one end.

Kit P/N: 0120-0494
Just the timing probe itself P/N: 7009-1890

The kit includes little plastic adapters for various makes but they are also available with their own part numbers. I do believe the Chrysler adapter fits most AMC timing covers with the magnetic timing port.

7054-0056 Adapter, Monolithic Probe (Ford)
7054-0057 Adapter, Monolithic Probe (Chrysler)
7054-0060 Adapter, Monolithic Probe (Ford 2300 CC)
7054-0062 Adapter, Monolithic Probe (Chrysler 1977)