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XT-CF-Lite / Universal ROM Board (CompactFlash version of XTIDE)


Veteran Member
May 14, 2010
I've had a few requests for more XT-CF-Lite PCBs, so I'm considering ordering another batch - full details here:

Cost will be £15 each, postage included, for:

  • Bare PCB, manufactured by SeeedStudio
  • Custom-made ISA bracket (stamped & bent)
  • Nuts and bolts to attach the bracket

You'll need to get the components from Farnell or Mouser and assemble the board - requires temperature controlled soldering station, flux & braid, and isopropynol to clean it up aferwards. Then add a CompactFlash card of your choice (note this board doesn't seem to work with SD to CF adapters) and flash the BIOS using the BIOS image and flash utility available via the above links.

The board can also be used as a universal ROM board, providing 32KB in-system re-programmable flash memory.

Please send PM if interested. Delivery will be 4-6 weeks. As this is just a hobby there are no returns please and also I'm not in a position to offer kits or assembly. Current component cost on Farnell is under £10.


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Feb 3, 2009
but I took a chance that one isn’t needed... And luckily, it seems to work!

why is it, EVERY time I hear that, the hair on the back of my neck stands up?