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  • Hi Andy,

    I was picking up some more equipment from Carl in Birmingham this afternoon and he has another box of PDP-8 cards just in that he hasn't listed on e-bay yet. They are just the boards (no backplane, front panels, power supplies etc.) but there seems to be a complete set of OMNIBUS CPU cards there.

    Not sure whether you are interested - but you can contact him about them if you like. Just thinking about retrofitting your 'clone 8' with real cards (that you have documentation for)?

    Happy to pass on his email details if you want to discuss directly.

    I just picked up an RFI shield for mine.


    We met briefly a few years ago at the Centre for Computing History.

    If more than one person offers you a DMV keyboard, please note I'm also on the lookout for one. It was a great idea of your's to post your request on VCF. I was relying on one popping up on eBay - which would most likely have a German set of keys.

    I have a very nice DMV - colour, with HD, 8088 and 256Kb - but no keyboard. When I finally plucked up courage to apply power (after a complete teardown and new caps), I was amazed to find it asked for a disk.

    I hope you get a keyboard - and then a second offer. Of course, I expect to buy the keyboard.

    I also have an NCR PC-8 (286 AT clone) and was hoping the keyboard would work - it doesn't.


    Jon (Cambridge area)
    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I haven't had a positive response unfortunately.

    What you have said about yours asking for a disk is very interesting as mine just says that there is a keyboard error.

    I have so far drawn a blank finding the schematic for the keyboard. I have found proof that it is different to the IBMs of the time (i can't remember where I found that) but with the schematic and a few other bits it might be possible to use a USB keyboard. I have been able to do that for one of my other machines.

    If I get any surplus offers I'll be sure to put you in touch with the doner and if you would do the same, I'd be grateful.

    Also, if you find any info on how the keyboard works, please share it.

    All the best,

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