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  • Dave,

    Pop in at anytime.

    I will be in all day. You are welcome to a lunchtime snack if you can give as a little notice.

    Hi Dave,

    That is a great list and hopefully it will all go to good homes.

    I have two contacts who work for universities in the south, both are young ladies (Tanja and Louise) but are interested in vintage computing. I am in contact with them on the DEC Facebook group. I have suggested they both join this forum. Now that you have mentioned passing on the info to other parties I will suggest that they DM you directly via this forum. I know Tanja has a VaxStation 4000/90.

    Are any complete machines still available?


    Hi Paul,

    If it makes their life easier, they can contact me directly on daver21145@gmail.com.

    The four VAXs are complete (as far as I know). They were all just switched off and put into storage. I even have licenses for the VAXs...

    Most of the PDP-11s are ‘projects’ because they are/were all spares. However, I do have one fully working (well, it was when I last used it) PDP-11 in a wheeled cubicle that I would want to go to a museum. I have two systems (one with more peripherals than the other) and need to keep one of them at work in the short term. The only problem I have is whether our facilities people will complain and want to charge us for moving the tall cubicle! In this case we will keep the shorter cubicle!

    I assume that Gloucester is in the UK and not a 90 minute drive north of me in the USA.
    Too bad, I could use an M8190 to go in an 11/84 that I am building from parts.
    Yes, unfortunately for you...

    I had the same problem (or rather my colleague did) when we were flying back from the States to Birmingham UK and he was accidentally booked on a flight to Birmingham Alabama. How we laughed - well, I did!

    I will be quite happy to make an exception in your case and post you one (if no one else wants them locally). After all, I have your DPS 6's!

    I will just need to double-check that the part number I have noted down is the right one for your needs though. These stand out a little bit as 'unusual' now I have looked up what the module numbers are to post the list.

    I wasn't convinced that these cards were an 11/84 UNIBUS cards - so I checked more closely today. One is marked M8190-AB and the other just M8190 - the latter being the card I inventoried! I can confirm that both of these cards are QBUS M8190-AB (11/83). One appears to be slightly damaged - the other one fine. Are they still of interest or not? If not, I have other people interested.

    I was discussing your 11/84 requirement with a work colleague who happened to say that he used an 11/84 system at a nuclear power station that is currently being decommissioned. Would you like me to enquire on your behalf to see if this still exists - or would you want me to pass on the details and you can contact them yourself? No guarantee it hasn't been scrapped though.


    If you are interested this is the bodged version of PETTESTER I made that allows it in $F800 i.e. H7 of a 2001-8 (and also additionally checksums $E0xx and $F0xx

    It uses conditional compilation so shouldn't break too much.

    Don't like the new list very much; I assume I'm writing a PM but where do I put the subject?

    Anyway, just sending you my email addy:

    It's Dave Roberts, right?

    Mike Stein in Toronto
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