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    [Yet Another] Cleaning 5.25" floppy disks.

    I've been using it there for a while now. Starting to work on rev 2 of the analog 9track setup using a CDC vacuum capstan drive (DEC TU80) so there will be no rubber or tension arms at all.
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    [Yet Another] Cleaning 5.25" floppy disks.

    I discovered essentially the same compounds in one brand of white-board cleaner that worked very well on damaged media. It went 'green' and that formulation disappeared. I mentioned it a couple of times in the past when this topic popped up. I processed hundred of Mac 3.5" floppies last year...
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    [Yet Another] Cleaning 5.25" floppy disks.

    for the curious also, I strongly discourage the use of IPA on any floppy or tape media look at the surface of a floppy with a stereo microscope to see what it does to the surface
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    Typewriters that acted as printers

    look on ebay for "typewriter printer" Olympia tried to graft a computer onto its electronic typewriters Systel, and the Olympia People I have on of the Systels but never found a diskette for it http://bitsavers.org/pdf/olympia http://bitsavers.org/pdf/systel
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    IBM 83 Card Sorter (1955) just walked through the door

    The only one I ever used was in a keypunch room where you would use it to straighten out someone's sequence numbered card deck when they dropped it.
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    RK05 disk drive versions

    Do the DEC controllers rewrite the sector header when they write a sector? I stumbled upon my copy of the documentation for an S100 cartridge disk controller a couple of days ago and the way they deal with sectors is really simple, they do a seek to a track, read a full sector based on the...
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    Small estate sale collection score-homebrew computer projects, NCR keyboard plus bits and pieces

    Web searches for things classiccmp are rapidly becoming worthless and the big guys are weighting results now against anything that won't sell someone's product.
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    Small estate sale collection score-homebrew computer projects, NCR keyboard plus bits and pieces

    Daniel's site is the one to go to for tech info https://telcontar.net/KBK/Micro_Switch/ He has also gotten so disgusted with the "keyboard scene" and the people in it that he is no longer doing research which is sad because he was really, really diligent about it.
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    SYS68k CPU-6A rev 4.4 Force Computers

    Most of the hobby VME activity is on the cctalk discord VME channel.
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    MARCH Burroughs B80 system

    brian fart. the teletype stuff was Tom Jennings https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/model-28-teletype-manuals-expendables-paper-tape-more.1239106/
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    MARCH Burroughs B80 system

    Looking back in the archives it sounds like they were given a system. Anyone know about this, or its current condition? I've been working on documenting the whole Small Systems series lately on bitsavers really ancient history.. Does anyone here know what happened to Will Jennings' system? I...
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    Lear Siegler ADM-31 Repair

    I never heard anything back from John about my request.
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    TI Explorer / NuMachine Prototype Boards

    The Numachine was a joint project with Western Digital and MIT under Steve Ward. TI bought the WD group developing it, and was where Nubus came from. George White was the person who drove the IEEE standardization of the bus. It was the basis of the TI 1500 which was used as the 68000 processor...
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    Burroughs L7000

    I did get a reply, he is still around, his B80 is at https://computermuseum.nl/ who also has a B1900 There are small numbers of Burroughs boards from the 70s that show up on eBay, I'm starting to work on a guide for identifying where they came from since there is almost no information on the...
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    Burroughs L7000

    necro posting.. sorry are you still around noticed on the list you have a Burroughs B1900 which model do you have