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    K6-2 K6-III Linux build

    Anyone do a Socket 7 K6-2 or K6-III Linux build back in the day? I'm doing a Socket 7 build to run Linux and would like to know what Linux version & core you used. My Socket 7 build: Asus P5-99VM, K6-2 500MHZ, 768 MB RAM, 120GB Hard drive. DVD, floppy. May upgrade it to a K6-III 450 MHZ.
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    386SX on board CMOS Battery Fix

    Like many 386SX motherboards, mine had a CMOS 3v coin battery soldered on the motherboard. Well, it died like they all do and I got tired resetting the date & CMOS info. Since replacement battiers are non-existant for this MOBO and my normal 2032 Coin holder would not fit, I decided to just...
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    System Halted No ROM BASIC *after* CONFIG.SYS Loads

    Got my 386SX running and the CD-ROM drive issue sorted out. Now I'm trying to tweak the memory. Normally I'd use RAMBOOST but it hangs on launch. Doing it by hand. It has 16MB of RAM installed & the i387 NPU. On boot *AFTER* the config.sys loads the computer crashes. The first line in the...
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    386SX No CD-ROM Option in BIOS

    SOLVED! 1. The IDE controller is on an ISA card - the BIOS can't control it. Nothing is on the motherboard except for the Real Time Clock. 2. I pulled the CD-ROM drive and checked the connection. Two pins were bent down. I fixed the pins and put it all back together. The OAK CD-ROM driver...
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    386SX No CD-ROM Option in BIOS

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    386SX No CD-ROM Option in BIOS

    Got my cute little 386SX 40 MHz running. 16MB RAM, i387 NPC, 500MB hard drive, VGA, IBM PC DOS 7, floppy disks etc. Next is to get the CD-ROM drive to work. Motherboard: Forcom M396F ver 2.7 BIOS: AMI ver unknown In the bios for IDE set up there is NO option for CD-ROM drive. Just hard...
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    5.25" 1.2MB Floppy Drive not ready

    I have a cute 386 SX computer with 16MB RAM. It has 4 floppies and a hard drive. Boots fine. All floppys work fine except the 3rd one. Its a 5.25" 1.2 MB floppy. BIOS is set correctly. 4th flopy is a 360K and it works fine. A&B are 1.4MB flopppies they work fine as well. Whenever I try to...
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    Full size bay covers 5150/5160 & external drive case

    I used to be able to buy full size bay covers from JDR and others way back in the day. Anyone know of a source for full size drive bay covers that will fit a 5150/5160 case? Also, anyone know where I could find an external hard drive case that is shaped like the front of the 5150/5160 case? I...
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    5150 Project

    I just rescued a 5150 off of eBay and my memory is hazy on the 5150 (never had one before - but I've had a bumnch of 5160 XTs) Motherboard is a 256K PC2 type. It arrived with out any drives (but came with the floppy controller). 1. Will an MFM hard drive work? I have a Seagate 8 bit ISA...
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    My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 1K RAM! I still have it. I have an Apple IIe and a IIGS. I'm interested in 680x0 Macs and early IBM PCs 5150 & 5160 and compiled BASIC. I'm located in Newna GA Tony