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    Looking for info about existing models related to the GRiD 1660

    I found that the Siemens-Nixdorf variant is PCD-3Nsl for the base model equal to the 1660, and PCD-4NCsl for the 1680C equivalent with color and a 486. The PCD-4NCsl follows the "reference design" very closely. The PCD-3Nsl, on the other hand, is interesting - it's the only variant of them all...
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    Looking for info about existing models related to the GRiD 1660

    I have acquired a GRiD 1680C! No update besides that. Can't find an Ast version, or a DEC version of the 1680. Here's a magazine clip I found:
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    GRiD 1680C Disassembly/Troubleshooting

    Thanks @joshuaparkour1 ! I received the laptop today and it's a great addition to the collection! I hope to be able to repair it soon. The manual is really cool to have, I don't have that for any of the others. Now I have two 1660, a 1660C, and the 1680C, I just need a 1680 and the GRiD portion...
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    Grid 1680 Boot Up

    Hey there, The DC-DC converter in this model of laptop tends to always die. It doesn't need a working battery to boot, if the converter board were working it would boot even without a battery installed. There's crude instructions I wrote on how to disassemble the laptop here...
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    Wanting to buy GRiD 1660C, 1680, 1680C, or Panasonic CF-480

    Quick update, I have acquired a 1680C thanks to forum member @joshuaparkour1 ! It fits in nicely with my Siemens PCD-3Nsl and GRiD 1660C. Now I'm just missing a GRiD 1680 to complete the GRiD side of the collection. The Siemens appears to be closer to a 1660 than a 1680, but they made some...
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    Pacific Northwest LANsurfer PCMCIA Modem/NIC FA

    Sure dude, I love laptops. What type of ethernet port does it have, does it require a dongle?
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    GRiD 1680C Disassembly/Troubleshooting

    Awesome scope! Let me know what you decide.
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    GRiD 1680C Disassembly/Troubleshooting

    Ah, I'm sorry I missed this thread before, I've taken apart several of these... I even wrote instructions years ago that I happened to find, not sure if it's still useful to you: As to the original problem, these model of laptops tend to have the DC-DC converter board in them die. It's...
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    Western Europe Early Mac DTP software. Complete with manuals, floppies and cases

    Yeah, how times have changed. I don't even know what that software does but thanks for thinking of preserving it!
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    Looking for info about existing models related to the GRiD 1660

    Still looking! Haven't really found anything new in the last year at all!
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    DEC Equipment Wanted/Needed

    Is this the dectape spool you're looking for? I have this for sale.
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    Mid Atlantic wtb: vintage computing memorabilia, pdp-11

    I have an assortment of weird stuff: A Digital first aid kit, a Digital calculator, a Digital sponge? a Sales Source CD, a DECdirect case with NO CD in it, badges from an IBM 2030, an IBM 2948, and Compaq Alphaserver DS10L... A DEC reel with some wire in it instead of tape: An empty binder...
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    Commodore 64c for sale

    It's kinda expensive. You posted it twice