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    C, on which is written in (at least most of) Oracle 2.32

    Oh, sweet :D
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    Name that BASIC..

    I believe BGI could work with MS QuickBasic, which (in the advanced, commercial version) could compile to EXE. But it's been a million years since I looked into that.
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    C64 Op Code....SBC..????

    Yes, the value of the carry flag is flipped around compared to what you might expect with the subtract instruction, so carry clear means borrow-in. I believe this makes the ALU logic simpler, but it's a little confusing the first time you run up against it.
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    Tell that to these people. Or this guy ;)
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    Network file sharing

    Win10 is getting very persnickety about file-sharing outside of a full-fledged domain environment; I have to deal with this at work all the time. In addition to what's in that article, make sure on the Win10 end that the network type is set to Private, not Public. They've also started disabling...
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    Quick Look at PDP-8 and PDP-11 Systems on Chip

    Gosh, I need to finish putting my SBC6120 together...
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    Looking for all Infocom Adventures for CP/M

    The more you know! XD
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    Looking for all Infocom Adventures for CP/M

    Looks like the source is available - it probably wouldn't be too difficult a job to cross-port it to Z80 CP/M machines.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Excellent :D
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    Question on 386DX

    I'd never heard about those! Very nifty.
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    Question on 386DX

    Would also depend on the application - if it's just running real-mode 8086/286 DOS software that doesn't know or care about the 32-bit capabilities, the gap would be much narrower, probably close to nonexistent.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Early DEC CD-ROM drives don't really like modern CD-R media. I had to swap the drive in my VAXStation out for a later SCSI CD drive before it would recognize the OpenVMS media I'd burned.
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    Question on 386DX

    As noted, they'd be in the same broad performance class - but do note that even a cacheless 386DX has a 32-bit bus, while the 386SX is 16-bit externally. Assuming they're using memory/memory controllers with the same performance characteristics for the sake of argument, the DX would still have...
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    Greetings from Kiev

    Welcome aboard, and hope you stay safe.
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    Tektronix 4050 GPIB Flash Drive - now available

    Thanks - that's the impression that I'd gotten, but this stuff is far enough outside my wheelhouse that it's good to get confirmation from folks with more direct knowledge. Looking around, it seems like someone's already designed an equivalent device for that purpose :)