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    Vic-20 or C64, which will be more valuable?

    I am gegtting a C64 in the box, I already have a Vic-20 with about 13 games. I was thinking about trading the Vic 20 for some Intellivision stuff. Which will be more valuable in the future? The C64 or Vic20? I mean, the C64 is better to have right? Can the C64 play Vic-20 cartridges? (I really...
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    TRS-80 Model III Micro Computer 26-1065 broken or working for cheap or shipping?

    Ive always wanted one of these, working or not!
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    Black Intellivision Entertainment Computer System (ECS)

    I am looking for the black version of the Mattel Electronics Intellivision Entertainment Computer System and Keyboard.
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    Which thrift store is best for the collector? Where to go?

    I used to find ALL sorts of goodies at the local Salvation Army, but they stopped selling computers altogether a few years ago! I once picked up an IBM external 5 1/2 and an old broken Altair. Every once in a while something turns up the Value Worlds (formerly Value Village). I haven't checked...
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    Free Tandy PC Keyboard 8 pin IBM 5150 compatible

    I have an old Tandy Keyboard that I have no use for. Unless someone has a free Tandy PC? You only need to pay for shipping. Let me know if you really need it! :)
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    Monochrome Monitor

    Hello! I recently purchased an IBM 5150, I already had the keyboard.. Now I just need an IBM monochrome monitor, or at least a clone look-a-like. Thanks, -Jeremy
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    Ibm 5150

    I am looking for an IBM 5150 (or 5160/ XT series), preferably with the monitor. If you live in Michigan or Ohio, I can pick up, otherwise it will have to be shipped. Give me an offer!
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    Where can I buy an IBM 5150?

    I used to have a 5150 growing up, but my mother threw it out when I was about 12 when we were moving. I didnt find out until I unpacked my stuff. I have been looking for one ever since. I have checked quite a few thrift and computer store around the Detroit area, and eBay vendors either want...