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    SpectraVideo SVI-808 help needed

    News on the SVI-808's i recently got... things are on the move.. and thanks to Darren for having a look at the KiKad files on GitHub i have uploaded.. but don't rush there yet they are private and if you are not invited you won't get access for now.. i need to make sure it is correct first.. and...
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    The Black Mac???

    i dont have the unit as of yet its coming.. this was from an estate sale and the guy had a wall of macs but this and a Black version stood out so i got them both.. i'm not into mac's but it got me looking at these 2.. will update when i get them and open them up..
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    The Black Mac???

    does anyone know anything about this Mac pc... the front has The Black Mac.. and thats all i know about it.. cant seem to find any info on the net at all..
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    SpectraVideo SVI-808 help needed

    ok so did a bit of voltage checking and I'm a little perplexed.. The Spectra PSU; the main black AC box is fine both outputs have 16V ac on them, The DC board has ....... 12v+ = +11.96v 5v+ = 0v prob the L4964 DC-DC...
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    SpectraVideo SVI-808 help needed

    need board info to know what can be done.. and settings
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    SpectraVideo SVI-808 help needed

    looking for any manuals or info on the svi-808 pc's i have 2 x svi-808 and looking for circuits diagrams, repair info etc... i have got a set of svi-838 circuit diagrams but they differ. thanks for any help well opened the SVI-808's today and the psu's have problems.. as i was expecting from...
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    z80 and hardware

    ok, so what i want to ask is i'm not a EE guru. i have a little knowledge but not enough to design and make a pc from scratch. what i want is to play around with some z80 bases systems i have and try some ideas in interfacing things to them.. but i have no idea where to start. i have been...
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    TransData Plasma

    looking for any info on this hard to find luggable.. really want a manual as the one that came with it is welded together from water.
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    compaq slt-3 286

    parting out a slt-3 compaq : ok so some of you may know i got some luggables a few months back. well the compaq portable-3 motherboard it toast.. so im looking at parting it out. if anyone wants parts pm me and what you want plus a price.. i have also listed on facebook nzvc page as well...
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    Transdata Plasma Portable Computer

    looks a little like a compaq 286 luggable
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    Transdata Plasma Portable Computer

    looking for any info on these un-usual devices.. there is almost nothing on line.. thanks
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    Transdata Plasma Luggable

    looking for info on Transdata Plasma Luggable / transportable's i have 2 1 is a 286 with 1 x 360kb fdd the other is a new case with Plasma and 8bit video card that can run Mono or Cga internal or external. thanks..
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    Kaypro II repairs

    i have a K 10/84 that's got a screen full of rubbish.. any ideas? all chips are socket'd so can replace them easy..
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    Kaypro info wanted

    i have 2 kaypro 10 pc's and both have different mo/bo one a battrey and modem the other none.. one soldered and one in sockets.. is there a list of boards for the kaypro-10 thanks
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    Which ROM is preferred for Kaypro 4/84?

    just to add the Bondwell-16 used the same HDD setup as the kaypro did they had a 34-50 pin driver board then that went to fdd and a wd1002 controller attached to the bottom of the st225 drive that then had the mfm cables go from the wd board to the drive as hdd1.