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    Looking for source code of any BASIC for CP/M-86

    Try the following site. It has lots of software for CPM/80, 86 & 68. including some Basic. Digital Research Binary Files oops, I missed that you were looking for Source Code. 73 Bill WD9EQD Smithville, NJ
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    Omnibook 300/425/430- Other Operating Systems

    I believe there are quite a few HP Omnibook 300/425/430 enthusiasts here. I have been playing around with them for many years, especially the 425/430. I found the model 300 to be limiting in that I couldn’t install other operating system on it. For those that have the OB-430 or OB-425 with...
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    Free - Data General/ONE

    I have a Data/General/one with some accessories that I would like to give to someone. The screen is almost unreadable, but otherwise is in clean condition. It has the Data General canvas carrying case, power supply and the printer. There's also the following: Owner’s Manual Pocket Reference...
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    Oasis Operating System for Z-80

    The other day, I was discussing old computers with a friend. He was telling me about the Oasis multi-user operating system that he used to run on a Z-80 system. Sounded very interesting - I had never heard of it before. I did a search on the Web and came across some manuals for it on...
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    Data General/One

    Today, a friend gave me a Data General/One computer. It came with the case, plenty of manuals and some disks. I turned it on and at first wasn't sure it was working at all. Then, with carefully looking at the screen, I could barely make out some text. From what I read, the screens were...
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    (Free) Tandy 1000 SL and Monitor

    I have been helping a friend clean out his house and came across a Tandy 1000 SL computer. The case is grimy with dirt. I haven't opened it up, but can see that it has a 5.25 drive and a 3.5 drive. No keyboard or discs. Haven't tried powering it up. Also found a small Tandy RGB color...
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    Toshiba Libretto 100CT & 110CT

    I have two Toshiba Libretto Computers. They both work - one is 100CT and one is 110CT. Have floppy drive a/c power supply and the expansion ports. I will be attending the VCF East 10.0 on Saturday. I will bring the box with me. If you are interested in these, please PM me and we can hand...
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    Gateway Handbook Computers

    I have several Gateway Handbook Computers. I think two work and one doesn't. Have floppy drive and one a/c power supply. I will be attending the VCF East 10.0 on Saturday. I will bring the box with me. If you are interested in these, please PM me and we can hand off on Saturday. I do NOT...
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    Portable Disk Drive for Tandy Model 100 and 200

    I have a Portable disk drive for the Tandy Model 100 & Model 200 portable computers. The drive is Catalog Number 26-3808 and is in the original box. Comes with the interface cable. I had purchased this drive for use with my Model 102 only to learn that it does not work with that model. I do...
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    Using DOS Only - Anyone here do that?

    Today, ARS Technical posted a couple articles about using DOS only. Of course he did it only for one day. Has anyone here attempted to use DOS only? And how did it workout for you and how long did you do it? Following are links to the two articles...
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    where did my cat go?

    Sorry to hear about your missing cat. Hopefully he will find his way home. I've had cats go missing for a few days and then they finally made it back home. While I've had dogs, I still prefer cats. My favorite cat was Clarence who took a personal interest in my computer work on a 386...
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    FS: Set of HP Omnibooks with accessories

    Edited to show remaining items. (OB-300 has been sold) I need to trim down on some of my HP Omnibooks. Maybe someone can make better use of them. They are as follows: OB300, 2MB Ram - SOLD OB530, 4 MB Ram OB530, 12MB Ram OB600C, 16MB Ram Accessories: Four HP Floppies with Cables...
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    Gateway Handbook - My New Toys

    I just got the two gateway handbooks today with floppy drives & cables, AC power supplies and nice carrying cases. The first is a 486DX2-40 with a bad screen. It seems to boot but hard to read the screen. I opened it up to find that the hard drive had been removed. But they neatly left the...
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    People's Pascal I (Based on Byte's Tiny Pascal)

    When I had my Radio Shack Model I, I spent a lot of time playing with the Tiny Pascal programming system that was published as People's Pascal. The neat thing about this system was it was based on Byte's series of articles on Tiny Pascal. The Editor/Compiler, Interpreter and Z80 translator was...
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    Casssette Version of Edit Assembler Plus for Model I

    I'm looking for the CAS file for the Edit Assembler Plus for the Model I computer. I remember using it many years ago, and the macro feature was great. I can find CAS files for the standard editor/assembler but not the Plus version. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Or does anyone...