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    RiscOS 3 files type

    Hi all, I recently entered the wonderful world of Acorn Archimedes machines. I actually own 2 Acorn A3010 units, and am on shopping for further toys (RiscPC and A5000). I still know few things about this nice OS, and am just learning with manuals and online resources. Ofcourse, to get it...
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    Honeywell DPS6

    hi there, I need a picture of a Honeywell DPS6 mainframe. I tried looking for one, but w/o success. Any help ? thanx a lot Luca
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    Various COMMODORE troubles

    It's been some years I don't take my toys out of the box. Yesterday me and my girlfriend dedided to give it a try.... with no luck :cry: The computers are those: -Vic20, with that dabolic RF box, to connect it to TV. I've two of these metal box -C64, with a straight antenna cable (the RF box...
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    Back from the basement

    Hi there, I just joined this group. I am italian, and am a long time experience computer programmer. I mostly work on automation rather than business oriented programming. I own the following vintage toys: 1 Vic 20, plus 2 for parts. Looking for others (winning 2 ebays auction right now) 1...