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Back from the basement


Feb 16, 2004
somewhere in Italy
Hi there, I just joined this group.

I am italian, and am a long time experience computer programmer.
I mostly work on automation rather than business oriented programming.

I own the following vintage toys:
1 Vic 20, plus 2 for parts. Looking for others (winning 2 ebays
auction right now)
1 C64 (plus another I am winning on ebay right now)
1 Amiga 500, w/ external drive.
1 Olivetti Prodest Pc/1 (nec v40 ibm compatible machine, my 1st pc)
1 Olidata tower pc, 386Sx/25, monochrome video
1 Acorn Archimedes 3010, that's being shipped to me as I write :D

... looking for others....
I do want a Philips MSX, a Sharp MZ with builtin printer, and maybe
an Atary 1040ST, since when I was a kid I did hate Atari owners because they had much more games than my Vic :wink: :wink:
I always look for Archimedes (any model/version).
I want a Commodore 16 too, just to complete what I call The Trilogy
(that's: vic, 64, 16).
I am interested in all vintage machines anyways: they can be Computers,
Cars or Motorcycle. :D

See you