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    Midwest 3 Toshiba Laptops T1200XE T5200/100 T3200SX

    I have a T5200 I'm considering selling. It is super clean and in excellent shape as it has been stored inside in a travel case for many years. I used it in my home office years ago and the occasional time I had to travel. Hardly any signs of wear and everything appears to work - including the...
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    Follow a User?

    Is there a way to flag a user that you want to follow. i.e. Get an alert when they post something new - regardless of thread?
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    Printing an entire thread, or selected posts ?

    Does this forum software have a printable mode for a thread? If so, where is it? :)
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    It's been awhile since my last update. I realize my solution is very custom, so I'm not sure how much interest there is for detail, outside the few Sol followers here. Not too much interest I would guess in a dual-floppy system for a computer that's 45 years old! This has got to be the only...
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    That illustration is actually straight out of the Sol manual, Section 6, page 4. I tried to do my homework before posting. ;) I'm sure I could figure out the size I need with a little trial and error and guestimation. I'm not likely to find any at my local Home Depot, or hardware store...
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    It's been a couple weeks from my last update, and will have more to share in a few days of my Sol progress. One question... Does anyone know the screw size for the 2, big knurled knobs used on the back of the Sol to hold the top cover in place? I've identified them in the parts list and...
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    The floppy drive I found in my Slicer (that was packaged away as well), was a Mitsubishi, made in Japan model MF501A-312U. Fortunately, it was in near new condition and appears to be functioning fine. Upon closer inspection I found that it was DD/DS, so I was glad for that. It's a direct...
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    daver2, Thanks for the help. As it turned out, most of time was spent on setting up and configuring the host computer for the serial port. I ended up having to update Windows then install an update, etc. Took too much time. Then next came the wiring of the two ended of my serial cable. I decided...
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    It's been a while, but I've had some good progress lately amidst the Sol serial demons. :) I finally got it and another PC talking together. Success! Better yet, I kept at it tonight earlier, and was able to get PC2FLOP executed and working. I transferred the Lifeboat CP/M 2.23a and was...
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    Dusting off my Processor Technology Sol-20

    The only terminal app I've been semi-successful with is MobaXterm. That one at least responses to my command, but with gibberish. I can't even get TeraTerm to respond using the SOLOS TE command. I am getting a warning message when I startup TeraTerm, about SSH. So not sure if that is hindering...
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    Help with serial interface PC to Sol-20

    For now I'm back to using stock SOLOS. However, my upgrades are still in place. I can't imagine them affecting anything with the serial interface. I'm getting really strange results and it may be a result of using a USB-to-Serial cable with the chip(FTDI). I tried another brand of the chip...
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    Continued Sol-20 Keyboard Issues

    I think you are onto something. I knew this little circuit was there, but had long forgotten what it did. Is this the culprit? You'll note from the pictures, when I installed it (my hacking skills were pretty sad back then), I was restricted somewhat because of the bucking xformer. So I had...
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    Help with serial interface PC to Sol-20

    I'm still reading through this thread, so if this has been covered my apologizes. I'm having issues with a serial connection too. I thought most of my hair was gone, but today I've lost even more! I've had some success, but never enough, consistent enough, to really know what kinda worked...
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    Old School 5.25 Floppy Cable - without the twist.

    I'm trying to get a NorthStar clone controller up and running with my Sol, and I'm in search of a 34-pin floppy cable. Back in the day floppy cables didn't have that twist in some of the middle wires, but all the ones I've seen on eBay have it. That type of cable won't work with older...
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    Sol update: Finished up refoaming my keyboard with pads from a Sun 4 keyboard. That was too much tedious work for me, but I managed through, got it done, put it back together and everything worked - so far as I've tested. After more thorough testing and monitoring of the PSU this week, I...