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Hi all...

I guess I should introduce myself as a retired R&D engineer who used, administered and serviced Digital PDP-11 machines in his working career. We used these to develop software for microprocessor based systems of various types, and for sale on PDP-11's as a VAR. [Value Added Reseller]

I've used too many PDPs to list, but it includes everything from a PDP-10 to PDP-11/70 and some VAX machines. Experience includes both UNIBUS and QBUS platforms.

My "Computer Museum" [as it's referred to by my friends] includes about 30 machines altogether, of which 10 or 15 are DEC. I am ashamed to say, none of these have been powered in the last 10 years.

This is about to change however, as I'm doing some of those "bucket list" projects I've been meaning to "get around to" for the last 20 years.