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    setting up a pentium mmx 233mhz with Windows 98

    I want to recreate the computer i have in the shed that I use to use in 1997, I want to bring it back to factory running windows 98 instead of 95, office 97, have an anti-virus/firewall, maybe run VMware to use opera and kernell32 to install adobe flash, It has always been on a broadband...
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    olderer beige ATX case wanted

    I am looking for an old beige atx form case with or without a power supply to house my old asus p3v133 motherboard. im looking for an older one so i can keep it looking 12 years old.
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    windows 98SE

    Does anyone know what year they stopped selling computers with windows 98 installed.
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    ibm 380ED

    I installed win 98se on my ibm 380 ED after it had windows 95 originally. was this a wise choice or was win 95 better for it. I can still get on the internet but with IE6 i can actually view you tube videos.
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    win 3.1 project

    im thinking of using a pentium mmx to start an internet 3.1 project. what all would you recomend for this. remember windows 3.1 and opera 3.64. would it work effectively to access the internet.
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    Just pulled out my first computer I got in 1994 with win 3.1

    I need some help and I heared it is possible as long as i am not trying to watch flash videos to access and browse the internet on this operating system. I am a computer systems analyst for the army and havent attempted this yet. I just want someone to tell me that i am not wasting my time...