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    My Vintage collection FREE for pickup in N. Calif.

    I have been trying to sell my small collection. I have sold a number of items but still have the following: IBM 5160 XT IBM 5150 PC (earlier model with black power supply, 16-64K MB) IBM 5150 PC (later model with silver PS, 64-256K MB) IBM 5140 Convertible with attached printer and carry case...
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    Anybody else tried the Windows 8 preview yet?

    I've had both the Win 8 Developer's Preview and the Consumer Preview installed since the first day MS made them available. I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of the Metro interface but it is only 1-click from there to the desktop. Hopefully, when Win 8 is released MS will allow users to...
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    More free stuff!

    I have 2 PCjr sidecars I'm giving away (just pay shipping). A Parallel port sidecar and a Power Adapter sidecar with power brick.
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    Free to good home!

    I have a home built XT clone and a home built 16Mhz 386 machine that I am willing to give away. They probably aren't worth shipping cross country but if someone local in the San Francisco Bay area wants them we can make arrangements to meet somewhere for pickup. The 16Mhz 386 clone has 3M of...
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    Sunshine EW-901B Eprom writer needs new home

    I have a Sunshine EW-901B eprom writer with 8-bit card, single eprom socket, manual and software that needs a new home. Not looking to make anything on it so whatever you want to offer plus shipping takes it.
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    My collection for sale!

    I unboxed the 2 ATs and took some pics: AT #1: 8Mhz AT w/coprocessor, EGA card, 640K base memory, 3968K expansion memory, 1.2M 5.25" floppy A:, 1.44M 3,5" floppy B: and 20M hdd. I'm asking $125 for this one. AT #2: 8Mhz AT w/coprocessor, CGA video, 640K base memory, 1.2M 5.25" floppy A...
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    My collection for sale!

    I have too much "stuff" so I decided to part with my collection which is primarily IBM. Here's what I have. If you're interested in anything, drop me a pm for more info and pics. Everything is boxed up at the moment but if you're seriously interested in something I'll dig it out and send you...
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    Vintage cellphone?

    I saw this on another forum and thought it would get a laugh over here.
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    Paper for IBM 5140 Convertible printer

    I have an IBM 5140 Convertible with the attached printer. Does anyone know of a source for the thermal paper for this printer? (Oops! Should have posted this in the Items wanted category. Sorry.)
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    Erroneous EBay auctions

    Here is a current auction on EBay for an IBM PC: http://cgi.ebay.com/IBM-PC-Personal-Computer-Vintage-NO-RESERVE-8088-8087-/280517720947?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item415028bb73 From the pictures, it's obvious it isn't a PC. Sure, it has a top cover that says IBM Personal Computer...
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    How low can it go?

    I don't know about how others feel but I am completely blown away by how cheap disk storage is now and wonder how much cheaper it will be in the future. In 1977 I went to work for IBM as a technician on the 3350 disk drive. It was the size of a chest freezer, had 2 300MB HDAs (Head/Disk...
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    Finally got an XT-286!

    I've been looking for an IBM 5162 XT-286 machine to add to my collection for several years. Every once in awhile one would pop up on Ebay but I would always get outbid since I wasn't willing to mortgage my house for one. Anyway, I saw one last week that was listed at a buy-it-now price of...
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    IBM Hard Drive type 0665

    I acquired an IBM hard drive type 0665. It's a FH drive made in Havant, England. When I tried searching for the parameters for this drive, I came across 3 different type 0665s. There's a 0665-30 (20M), 0665-38 (30M) and a 0665-53 (44M). Can anyone tell me how I can identify which 0665 this...
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    Math Coprocessor?

    Can anyone point me to some software that runs on 8088 or 80286 machines where adding an 8087 or 80287 makes any difference? Over the years, I've had machines with and without a math coprocessor and could never discern any performance difference between the two. I imagine there has to be...
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    Floppy drive for PS/2 P70 386 "Lunchbox"

    I have 2 of the PS/2 P70 386 "Lunchbox" luggables. Both work and are bootable from the hard drive but neither has a working floppy drive. Does anyone know a source for working drives for these machines? The FRU number for this drive is 38F5936 and was apparently also used in these machines...