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    Other US Areas IBM 5170 PC 2 Floppy Drives,

    is this the standard price for one of these in working condition? just curious
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    Midwest Cleaning house, request advice

    aw man! Is this set in stone? I was literally thinking about moving to cleveland specifically to do this. any room for extra help? ive been talking to a girl in ohio since 2015 that wants to marry me lol, and it seems rather serendipitous the the this falls for the occasion. i currently run an...
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    Midwest Everything must go

    Man, I'm assuming this thread is long gone and dead. but if there are any survivors or stragglers, I am going to be in that state for other business with the means to procure several of those beautiful machines, if still available. a man can dream...
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    Mid Atlantic Selling off most of my collection | New York, NY

    if you are willing to ship id love to procure the 5140 and the IIc from you
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    Texas Bunch of old tech for sale (List pending)

    some of those trs80 keyboards came with alps skcc cream switches! wouldve been some nice finds
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    The South Popular Electronics, Radio Electronics, and QST Mags, 36 lbs,: Free

    I'd love these! PMing I stand corrected, apparently I can't DM yet haha. VCF has new rules, cool. But I will gladly take magazines off your hands! I'd love to browse through them. That's history right there! I can be reached via email chiragrajpatel@gmail.com
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    Howdy Yall

    Hello everyone. Been finagling with tech my whole life, recently decided to make the move (or try to make the move) into IT after realizing a psych degree without grad school is worthless. Just bought an apple IIc that I am in the process of restoring, past completed projects include AKAI...