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    Clearing out my closet. Free for pick-up only.

    Two Canon Notejet laptops, two Epson 486 tablet computers, one Pentium II laptop (power supplies dead for all laptops), one Pentium III-era Celeron (I think) dektop, books, software, floppy disks, loads of newer parts and peripherals. Still sorting through everything. Free for pick-up in...
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    Parting with most of my collection.

    All items are too heavy and fragile to ship, so they're pick-up from Lakeland, FL only. $50 Power Mac 5500/250, upgraded RAM, video in/out upgrade, disk error. Keyboard and mouse included. $100 Compaq Deskpro 286 w/ green and amber monochrome monitors, sound card installed, 2.125MB RAM (I...
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    Free IBM 5182 printer (pick up only)

    Bought it a couple years ago to replace my NEC dot matrix printer, but never got around to even testing it. It's dumping foam dust everywhere and I want it gone. Pick up from Lakeland, FL only.
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    Does the dimple go at the tick?

    If not, can I remove a PLCC without a special tool?
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    Power Mac 5500/250

    I didn't see a section for Power Macs and I don't think this is old enough to qualify as vintage yet, so I thought I'd post here. I picked one of these up yesterday for $75. Our teacher had one of these back in the 90s, though it was probably the Performa variant since it was a school computer...
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    Rejuvenating old printer ribbons

    I bought a six-pack of ribbons for my NEC Pinwriter 5200 from Amazon, and they're all dried out. Is there anyway I can re-ink them?
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    Anyone know anything about fluorescent tubes?

    I bought an antique desk lamp yesterday, and it's just too darn bright. What's the dimmest bulb I can buy?
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    Loading paper into IBM 5182

    How do I load paper into an IBM Personal Computer Color Printer? Does it go in the front? How do I advance the paper? I don't see a platen knob.
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    Adobe Pagemaker 5.0 for Windows

    Anyone know how much it's worth? I've seen other old versions for sale for sizable sums. I have all the floppy disks, but no manuals or box.
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    For all you Unisys CWD fans out there...

    I spotted these on eBay: 261124916665 251180616805 They look pretty spiffy, even though they've got Cyrix chips in them. I guess you can't win 'em all.
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    Would you buy a DOS PCIe card?

    Just as a thought experiment, would you buy a PCIe card that allows you to run DOS programs without software emulation in a modern PC (sort of a system on a card)? If so, how much would you pay, and what features might it have?
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    Any ideas on what's wrong with this monitor?

    I have a Sony video monitor attached to a computer via S-Video, but all I get is this scrambled picture. It was working before I moved the system, and a normal TV works with the computer now. I've tried moving the video cable to another input port on the monitor, and switching the monitor to...
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    Parting with my C64 collection

    I hate to do this, but bills come before computers. I'll give 'em a week or two before hitting the 'Bay. Prices don't include shipping. C64 in box with matching numbers and manual. Bad memory, but works otherwise. $30 Commodore 64G. Beige keyboard/case and green power light. One of...
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    My Arcade Cabinet

    It's finally finished! Well, not entirely, but it's in a playable state, now. I took video:http://youtu.be/CH5WLj2eltk