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  • Hello! Do you have any of those 2MB RAM expansions for IBM PS/1 2011? If you have any, I will very gladly buy one.

    At the moment I have 161/163 errors as my Dallas chip has run out and also floppy is not working properly. I ordered a NOS Dallas chip.

    After RAM upgrade, the next thing I would like to find out if there's any method to use SD or CF cards.

    All the best
    i replied in my sell trade for ram extension.
    i also worked and actually have some working prototypes for adding isa slots outside the central unit, and allow use of xtide/cf, and whatever you need as long it don't draw a lot of current.

    but to get xtide/cf it to work, bios need to be patched first.
    your floppy may not work correctly just because of the flat dallas :)

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