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    Macintosh Plus/peripherals

    Been a while, eh... I was going through storage, and came across a few things to try to free myself of(or otherwise keep to repair). Thought maybe one of ya'll might be interested. I have a Macintosh Plus 1Mb with keyboard, numerical pad, mouse, manuals, and carrying case. The flyback for the...
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    Booting up the AT&T PC 6300

    Well, after two years of sitting in it's original boxes, I finally got up to West Virginia to pull the old PC6300 out for a run. I wasn't expecting it to work, but after a quick inspection of the motherboard and daughterboard, everything -looked- OK. So needless to say I put it all back...
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    Your Cars/Trucks/Bikes

    TandyMan tried to make a new car thread, but being shot down, I will instead ressurect this one. I'm on car #9 since my 87 Cutlass...I now drive a 78 Ford Thunderbird. Bought it for $1K off the original owner. All original inside and out, runs perfect, drives smooth. Cruise control, AM/FM...
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    Best Macintosh Plus O/S

    Well, been having all sorts of fun in the Apple/Mac world, but not growing up in the era(OK, I grew up through a good part of the classic Macs, but at 2 years old in 94, I didn't really care), I don't have all the knowledge I would if I had. Anyhow, I now have a pristine Macintosh Plus with 4MB...
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    IBM 5155 with GTO

    I've got a nice 5155 collecting dust here and with an anticipated move with my fiance in June, I don't see it as a neccessary device--especially seems I have a 5150 too. It's in very very good condition with two working 360K drives. The amber display is crisp and clear. The manual is in great...
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    Recent Macintosh dealings

    I sold an early 128K off eBay yesterday. I feel like we both got a good deal. The case was cracked, yellowed, and scratched, and the unit didn't work. I was going for $50. Anyhow, traded it for a Macintosh SE. He upgraded it from a 1/20 to a 4/40 (4MB RAM, 40MB HDD). I already had a full set of...
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    IBM 3420 Field Tester

    Digging through more stuff, I found this odd box. It's an IBM 3420 Field Tester. From what I gather based on the instructions, its to test a tape drive. The connector for it, on the end of a ribbon cable, consists of two rows of pins, with a good gap between them, maybe 1/8 inch. It is a female...
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    VIC-1541 in box

    Been sorting through stuff the last few days and I came across this disk drive. It is a VIC-1541 drive in box, even with styrofoam wrapping. Make me an offer, but they seem to be plentiful on eBay. Actual working condition unknown, looks to be taken care of, though. --Ryan
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    Oh the sensation!

    LOL I couldn't resist. But seriously, what a sensation it was to turn on the old IBM 5150 after months of idlely sitting there, keeping the table from floating away. I plugged it in, and with a "CLICK!" it purred to life. I inserted my 5.25 DOS diskette(a copy of course, versus original) and...
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    Got some catching up to do!

    Hey all, Been a long time since I've been too active on here. I see a few new members and I notice Terry Yager still doesn't seem to be active. Anyone figure out where he's at? I still think he's having to go under the radar for whatever reason. Anyhow, I haven't been on because I've been...
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    Free books, Atari stuff, other misc

    I've been sitting on some stuff for awhile and I'm not going to do a thing with it. I've got, say, 4 medium tote boxes worth of books I want to give away as well as other miscellania such as 2 Atari 1050 drives, and under my bed is an external Amiga 3.5 drive that I tried to sell at one point in...
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    Amiga 1010 drive in box

    I was organizing my vintage computer stuff and came across this. Was going to put it in a box headed for the back of the closet, but after some research, have found they have value. $45 for one not boxed on flea-bay sold recently, one for $60 is being offered BIN. Anyhow, not REALLY out for...
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    Local CraigsList items

    TI/99-4A--Original owner, like new condition, with boxes--$35/obo Tandy 1000(RL?)--Stopped working yesterday--PSU? Free. TRS-80 minidisk--$50/obo The last one offers shipping, other two don't. It's not that I don't want them, its that I don't have the monies to go that far. But if someone on...
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    IBM "School Box"

    IBM School Box for the IBM EduQuest 55. Its a suite of software and possibly drivers, or thats my understanding anyhow. I ran across a mention of it and dont have it, but would like to add it into the collection. Anyone have more background information on it, as well? --Ryan
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    Cardboard 3

    So I'm poking around in a box of C64 and VIC-20 stuff I got, and I came across something called the "Cardboard/3." It looks like it plugs into the cartridge slot of the VIC-20, and fits fine. Then, it has 3 extender plugs. Is this for having 3 cartridges in at once or something? Seems pretty...