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3 different model 90MHZ Socket 5 P90's, SB16 CT2830 with CDROM, etc


Experienced Member
Apr 5, 2016
Looking to trade all of this for a working 90's laptop that has compatibility with games ranging from DOOM to Star Trek: A Final Unity. This means CD Drive at the very least with a Pentium 100+ Class processor. Must include power cord.

3 Different Pentium 90 Proc's (all 3 are Socket 5)
1 Pentium Overdrive CPU (I don't know much about it, not pictured)
A CT2830 SB16 with matched Creative Branded Quad Speed CD Drive (MPC Level 2 Certification)
Trident TVGA 1MB SVGA Card, Model 8900C.
ISA based Ethernet card.
48MB EDO RAM (1 16MB, 1 32MB)

This was all pulled from my now non working DEC Celebris XL590 which last ran February of this year with the exclusion of one of the pentiums which was in a box of spare parts with that machine when i got it. Something failed on the Celebris and I've given up on desktops. It just randomely threw "Check 512K address lines" beep codes one morning so i assume the motherboard went. AFAIK The Soundblaster doesn't have the hanging note bug and I've been told its a jumper version (aka Non-PnP) but i wouldn't know. It has real OPL3 which I'm also told makes it a more desirable card. I know for a fact the 2 gold bottom Pentiums will work with each other in a dual Socket 5 system as they were in the Celebris.

Here's an IMGUR gallery for those who would like to take a gander: http://imgur.com/a/fkPzd