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4 cheap 5.25 floppy disk drives with a free cleaning kit


Experienced Member
Aug 4, 2012
Hello today up for sale is a lot of four 5.25 floppy disk drives also included is a allshop 5.25 head cleaning kit all of them had been tested and working except for one that had a broken latch but it can be used for parts or repaired 30.00+shipping
1x matsushita ju-455-5
3x mitsubishi Mr501a-30ud (one with a broken latch)
1x allshop 5 1/4 cleaning kit

no my first actually about 3 months ago i post it on here nobody wanted it so i posted it on ebay and posted it again incase anyone needed it so what you spy on people now? thats kinda creepy:/
lol, Stone is having a slow day I think ;-) Out of curiosity what's in the cleaning kit?
i am just curious how he got those links i posted it on ebay like 2 weeks ago and it has not been on there since i know stuff stays in the search engine's but dang. i packed the drives and stuff up but if i rember right the cleaning disk solution big q tips for keyboards and anti static cloth for monitiors and anti static monitor cleaner but not 100% sure i would check but i am in the process of moveing what does not sell is being donated to purple heart
i'm always looking for 5.25 inch drives. if there still around when i get paid in a few days i may send an offer. the lighting is kinda bad in that image are they black or grey?