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8-bit ISA Ethernet Card


Experienced Member
Jun 21, 2003
Ontario, Canada... the frosty north.
In a follow up to my post in the General Discussion forum, I'm looking for a good 8-bit ISA ethernet card in working condition and with the RJ-45 connector. Must be compatible with 8088 processors. Please get in touch with me ASAP if you have one lying around as this is for my webserver. Thank you.



Apr 11, 2004
Orlando, Florida
I have a good 8-bit ISA Ethernet card - 3Com Etherlink II. It has a BNC connector and an AUI port, and I also have an AUI-RJ45 Transceiver that converts the NIC's AUI port to twisted pair.

I also have a Xircom Pocket Ethernet Adaptor that converts the parallel printer port to an RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Have the power brick for it also. Great for a PC that has no NIC or room for one. Should work on any computer.

Ethernet card/Transceiver - $10 + shipping from Florida, USA.

Pocket Ethernet Adaptor with power adapter - $15 + shipping from Florida, USA.

Interesting that we're at almost opposite ends of the continent!


New Member
Jul 10, 2004
8-Bit ISA Ethernet card

8-Bit ISA Ethernet card

I also have a 3COM Ethernet III ISA card; I also have a Kingston Technology KNE-2000T+ Ethernet card... both are sitting in front of me on my desk....let me know if you would like one of them