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Adaptec UltraWide Differential SCSI PCI


New Member
Nov 20, 2012
Adaptec AHA-2944UW Kit. Consists of PCI-to-UltraWide, Differential SCSI controller card, SCSIselect application and drivers, installation manual in original box. $30.
SCSI 6.jpgSCSI 1.jpgSCSI 2.jpgSCSI 3.jpgSCSI 4.jpg


Associate Cat Herder
Staff member
May 3, 2003
This is the problem we opened up when we started to allow talk of early Pentiums. They take PCI cards ...

We have a similar problem with IDE drives - the XT-IDE can use 20 to 250GB drives, which clearly are not on topic by themselves but they have uses on older machines.

I'd really like to discourage people from commenting on what is vintage or not, specially if it is just a single card like this. It's not worth worrying about. If somebody is posting about items where the majority are clearly later model cards or parts, then we have a problem. (AGP and USB are probably too new ...)


Veteran Member
Dec 30, 2010
Seattle, WA
Doesn't High-Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI make it at least somewhat vintage compared to current LVD SCSI, or at least somewhat unusual compared to the now typical LVD SCSI?

I think the only system I have with an HVD SCSI controller and hard drives is an HP Visualize B160L 160MHz PA-7300LC workstation from the 1997 timeframe.