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All muh puters to date


Mar 4, 2005
Pennsyltucky LOL LOL
Tandy 2000
Tandy 1000
AMTjr, originally dubbed the ATjr, but IBM got miffed (not only that, their ads depicting a kid in C.Chan clothes) and made them pull the ad and change the name
IBM 5150 w/"Bullet '286" motherboard - speed personified
Zenith desktop, cpu card, 8088, not sure of the model
Hyperion luggable, said to be the first "portable", don't know nor really care
IBM PS/2 model 50, you shouldn't ask me what the ps stands for, I never even turned it on
(3)NCR PC4's, all mono
(2)AT & T 6300's, both mono *sigh*
(2)Texas Instruments Professional Computers, one has the color board
Ampro Little Board PC, a full IBM motherboard on a card the size of a 5.25" floppy drive, and meant to be mounted on one, NEC v40
NEC APC III, SLE card, 8087 card, nice docs, color monitor, one of my prized babies
IBM AT motherboard, never used, Siemens chip
PCjr, don't boot, nor light up, no keyboard
Vermont Microsystems High-Res Graphics card, 80186 onboard, takes up 2 slots, similar to IBM PGA adapter
a couple of old macs, not worth mentioning


Terry Yager

Veteran Member
May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
Hi Chris,

I already posted in another forum, pitching my Ampro LB-180 to ya, before reading this. Now I see you're already familliar with the Little Board series.
I've had two of the Hyperions in the past, and both have gone on to computer heaven. I did manage to remove the monitor from the first one, and hacked it into an old Leading Edge PC (the original model, not the Model D). I wish I still had that one, but I gave it to my nephew, and he's long since lost track of it. It's most likely in a landfill somewhere.