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Amiga user here

Feb 17, 2024
Had Amiga 500 as a teen, now getting into Amiga retro scene. Fortunately started the 'retro thing' right on time in 2010's when one could grab Amiga for peanuts, which is what I did.

Currently own:
Amiga 500 rev6 UK version
Amiga 500 rev6 New Art edition (Ball design)
Amiga 1200 mint in original packing
Phillips CM8833 MkII
Commodore 1084ST (currently being restored)

I also had Commodore 1084S, but my sister threw it away while I was temporarily storing it on her attic. She thought it was some random junk.
From one recent member to another, hello!

I've always wanted to learn more about Amigas, but haven't had the chance until recently. I've got a 1200 that needs a bit of TLC before I try to power it up, Looking forward to joining the club.
Welcome @Steven Marshall. I was looking to buy an Amiga but then the prices started going out of my range. I've got enough stuff to keep me occupied. But I've always wanted a working Amiga. Maybe someday. I played around with some Amiga emulation on my PC's. Fun stuff.