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Another production run of the S100Computers.com Serial I/O Board


Experienced Member
Oct 19, 2008
San Ramon, CA
There seem to be enough demand do another production run of our (tried & true) S100 bus serial I/O board. Over 50 of these boards have gone out over the years!

The board is described here:-

http://s100computers.com/My System Pages/Serial IO Board/Serial IO Board.htm

This version will be called V2.1. It’s essentially the "V02" with more informative silk screen labeling. (IC numbers/types etc.).

The board has a Zilog Z85C30 dual serial port for RS232 communications, a 8255A for a Parallel port and a (Modern day) USB serial port to hook-up to a PC. One of the Serial ports has an option to be used with an onboard speech synthesizer.

It will be some time before we do another run. If you would like a board please post a reply here (only):-

Depending on demand the bare boards will run &14-$20 each + shipping.