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Anyone know what are the specs for this 1977 Intel ram chip


Dec 7, 2011
East Coast USA
Can’t seem to find anything on google or in old Intel docs from 1977. Can someone point me to a data sheet?


It doesn't have their regular part numbering. I doubt it is in any of the manuals. It may not even be a RAM. It could be a ROM or other custom part.
These were in the ram sockets of an Apple-1 that I restored a few years ago, I was cleaning up my tubes of discarded “wrong” or bad parts and was trying to make heads or tails of what these were. According to my notes I removed these parts as unknown status, date incorrect before I did any restoration or powered the board on. They had no historical significance to the board so I put them in a tube with some notes attached.

Was hoping to clear up what they are so I can decide what to do with them.
If they came from an apple I, they are DRAM. They may have come from some specific run for a specific customer. Still the number with the 002 following was typical for parts that were some type of ROM code.
They have solder marks like someone had wired some address line hack, but when the board was brought to me the wires were gone just the solder residue remains. I’m not willing to risk even plugging them into a replica Apple-1 since they contain too many parts I don’t want to risk without knowing what I’m into. They could also just be socket stuffers just chosen to fill the spots for cosmetics display, in which case they could be anything.

I guess I could try them in an Apple II jumpered for 4K blocks or a 16kra in a sol-20 which has a crowbar on the supply.
could be military version of same RAM, Burroughs used different part numbers for intel RAM chips 4014's etc. What is is supposed to be?
pretty sure thats a 2102. I have some of these chips (I checked) and I use them in place of 2102's. I have a Burroughs equivalent guide somewhere that has that part listed as 2102 equiv. It's a military-grade version of the commercial 2102, I'd wager it's perfectly fine for the job.