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New England Anyone with a good 3D printer willing to print this cover for $$?

Covers: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine.
Yes. Using default profile for the ender 3. Rotated it until it fit in the center of the visible margins
It did cut off the brim on my try, but nothing from the actual printed item. Sadly, the print did not complete, as the filament got stuck on the spool. I hate when that happens...
I can definitely do better, the bottom right corner curled away from the bed while I was printing. I have that issue on the particular printer that I had set up, sometimes.

- Alex
Check your local library? The first print I did at mine I felt bad because they only charged 50cents (estimates online were around $8.00 with shipping). My second print came in at first attempt $18.00 and then $35.00 - turns out I needed a higher density? The librarian/3D print Guru's help was invaluable and he really wanted to see the print being functional and to make the result useful. Anyway, the $35.00 print was somewhere North of $100 everywhere else I looked.
They dont have one. The highschool may as well as this robotics club (or something along those lines) But Honestly I dont know anyone there and would feel strange about making the request.

Good idea though. Interesting to think a local library would have one.
If you end up needing another one I can always post the print I made. Otherwise I might have to start looking for a Mac.