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Experienced Member
Mar 20, 2006
Chilliwack,BC,Canada eh
Due to space limitations (were movin) I need to find home(s) for a couple of my ELDER computers...
The one lookin for a home is a PHILIPS 3103 in perfect running order. Its not a museum piece but it is in nice shape and runs fine(Dos 3.3). It has both floppys and hard drive.

The other one is a Eagle PC in good shape.Runs fine(Dos 2.1-I think).It has 5 1/4 floppy and Hard Drive.

I desperatly need to make some room so I'd like to find homes for at least one of these.

Pics are on my web site. PM me for more info.

PS....these are FREE except for whatever shipping is.:confused:


Experienced Member
May 30, 2006
It would appear that there were two generations of the Philips P3103.

First: all I/O ports on the motherboard, leaving the full 8 ISA slots for expansion (7 if there was an hard drive).

Second: only the floppy disk controller on the motherboard, and Parallel, Serial, Video as I/O cards.

Which generation would yours be? What capacity/type of hard drive?