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Bootstrapping an Apple II or III with ADTPro

It is good to see a tutorial out there. I had to use ADTPro recently. The terminology they use is confusing, I kept selecting the option to send an ADTPro client that requires PRODOS already loaded, instead of the small bootstrapper.

Also, they don't specify on their site, but the version of ADTPro they have posted requires at least Java 8. (Which in turn, requires at least Windows XP).
Wait it requires at least Java 8. There goes my idea of using a PowerMac G5. That’s kind of upsetting.
If you don't want to use Java and go old skool ADT, the original versions that run under DOS, Win32, and some old version of MacOS can be found here: https://github.com/david-schmidt/adt

But ADTPro is *much* nicer. I use a VM to install Java in so it doesn't pollute my main OS. It isn't recommended to run ADTPro from a VM, but it has worked for me in the past.
ADT is brilliant and has got my disks working, but I am amazed at how fast http://asciiexpress.net/gameserver/ is. 17 seconds to load a game via audio from the online library is quite a feat and means I only use disks for some more 'serious' programs like diagnostics.

That is awesome, I didn't know about that site! There are mobile apps like tapDancer that do a similar thing, but there's no support for Apple as far as I know.
What diagnostics do you recommend? I'll be using ADTPro to service drives of unknown functionality, and would like a diag to help verify them.

Trixter, I recommend the apple IIe diags ver 3.2 It runs on all versions of the IIe, the IIc, the IIc+ and the IIgs I think (might want to check on the iigs compatibility) It will only run on 128KB apple II's but it is thorough and can differentiate rom versions. For floppy drive tuning use locksmith 6.0 to check and set speed adjustment and datalife floppy drive tester does the same but with more utilities.

Edit: I have been using ADTPro a couple years now and it might just be the most impressive modern utility for vintage hardware I have come across. I have used it via the cassette interface as well (to appease the purist in me). Its finicky at first until you get the audio levels right but I highly recommend you guys try the audio option out as well. Bootstrapping over serial is impressive, but bootstrapping via audio?! Well that blows my mind.
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I use a VM to install Java in so it doesn't pollute my main OS. It isn't recommended to run ADTPro from a VM, but it has worked for me in the past.

I might go the VM method...
Just setting this back up after not having used it in a while. Could NOT get it to work on my Win10 machine with the USB/Serial adapters I have.
After struggling for a bit, I grabbed an XP Netbook I have. I was having trouble finding Java 8 for XP, so I used ADTPro 1.3 which runs on Java 7.
But i then found Java 8 and am now using the newest ADTPro.
Same USB serial dongle and ADTPro software versions that don't work on Win10.
I am guessing it is probably a serial driver issue. Maybe 32/64 bit something...
But I got it working on that netbook, so not worth struggling with for now.

I was also really impressed with the speed of the Apple II Game Server Online for my //e. Wow, that is fast for audio. And works from my smartphone...
Unfortunately, no audio input for my //c, so he will be disk based.
That said, there is the Apple II Disk Server Online, which will also write floppies (as long as they have the floppy you need) via audio.
Haven't tried that one.
Just an update...
Got it working...
I had two issues...
One problem was java, and I fixed this with a slightly older Java version for Win10 to get it working with my USB serial port.
I also found out that my cables weren't quite right (specifically the 9-pin to 25-pin adapter - thought I had used that combination before, but apparently not when I actually checked the pinout).
Got the right cable and adapters and the right Java and now ADTPro works fine on my Win10 desktop as well.