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California BP Microsystems EP-1 on eBay

Covers: California


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Aug 6, 2018
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This isn’t mine, but for $30 BIN it seems like a great deal.

It’s got a slight lower serial number than mine by about 200 units. Mine is a late revision that can run the lastest firmware. I’m not sure when that changed, but even if it’s the earlier hardware it’s probably still pretty useful if it work.
It can be operated via a serial terminal link with XMODEM transfer, IIRC.
The firmware, PC software, and documentation are easily found.
If you work with the 2716 to 27512 era, an EP-1 is worth that price.
The EP-1 commands are:
Model:              EP-1 EPROM Programmer
Software:           V3.20, Copyright (C) 1985-1995 BP Microsystems, Inc.
Phone:              (713)688-0920 or 800-225-2102
Hardware:           Type 4, 6.144MHz
Chip Type:          None Selected 
File Address Range: 0 - 0
Baud Rate:          1200
Protocol:           PCDOS3: Used with EP.EXE V3.XX

 FIND  Find part names         Blank   Blank
 PARTS Lists supported parts   List    List chip contents on screen
 Stat  Programmer status       Manual  Manually program
                               Program Program from hex file

SETUP COMMANDS                 PB      Program from binary file
 Addr  Set addressing mode     PROTect Protects microcontrollers
 BAse  Set file start address  RB      Read, producing binary file
 Chip  Select a chip           RH      Read, producing straight hex file
 PAGe  Select active page      RI      Read, producing Intel hex file
                               RM      Read, producing Motorola hex file

MISCELLANEOUS COMMANDS         RT      Read, producing Tekhex file
 PROTO Sets comm. protocol     SUM     Calculate/set checksum
 Help  Produces this screen    Verify  Verify from hex file
 Quit  Return to DOS           VB      Verify from binary file
 Test  Test programmer         FILL    Program a range with a value

BP Microsystems, Inc. support hotline: 800-225-2102 or 713-688-4600.
Call for a free printed device list. Firmware updates are available from
our BBS at 713-688-9283.

The Parts it can program are attached



  • Parts.txt
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I noticed *1A *1B and *1C in that parts list for what are obviously 40-pin chips. Does anyone actually have those adapters or their schematic so that they can be documented and replicated?
I do not. I ended up buy a newer programmer with a 40pin socket because I couldn’t find anything about those adapters.
I have used them at my previous job, but never gave it a thought to even get pictures of them.
I've never seen any documentation or information.

I wonder who ended up with the EP-1. I got an offer (seemed automated) for $25. Hopefully it works and someone got a good deal.
I wonder who ended up with the EP-1. I got an offer (seemed automated) for $25. Hopefully it works and someone got a good deal.
There were two. I bought one. I just received it last night so haven't had a chance to do more than open the box.