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British Micro mimi 803 boot disk??


Experienced Member
Oct 19, 2007
United Kingdom
I have just recently come across this mimi 803 computer,made by British Micro,( 1982,) and with a little restoration, and work on the psu, I now have it asking for a boot disk in drive A,
which is great , if only I had a disk, There is not much info on this machine, other than it ran OS/M as its o/s? and was fully compatible with CP/M 2.2, is there anyone who still has one of these machines, or could point me in the right direction to make a suitable boot disk. thanks Harry
Hello. Did you ever manage to get a bootable disk for your machine? I and two other owners are all searching for the same thing at the moment. Kind regards, Ross
Harry. I realise your post is from 10 years ago - but I have been given a Mimi 802 and an 803W (hard drive version) boot disk. If you are still interested, please send a PM for more info. Regards. JH