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Canon Starwriter Jet 4000 Value (Was: Not sure where to go for help on this ...


New Member
Jun 9, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
I have an older Canon Starwriter Jet 4000 in excellent shape (doesn't even have any dust in the monitor). Being a word processor, I don't know where to go, to see IF this thing has any value to anyone. I'll likely just scrap it, but wanted to see if this thing has a chance at a new home, before I do

Wish these Starwriter Jets could last forever, as I somehow thought mine would. Now I have Chapters of a novel
on Floppy Disks, but the printer has failed. If you've put your WP on eBay, I'll be glad to pay whatever you think.
My location is Oak Creek, WI. If you're not a thousand miles away, I would drive to pick it up, pay postage or
whatever I have to do. My heart is in this novel, and I worked so hard on those Chapters, rewrote etc. (15 to 21 pages apiece) and can't remember it all. A printer repairman came over today and says mine can't be fixed. I can get cartridges on the net and have, but now this. Please help if you still can. Thanks. Mary Lynn Michiles, 195 W. Puetz Road (H228), Oak Creek, WI 53154. email: marylynnroddy@gmail.com wpfan