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Collection Update


Veteran Member
Feb 25, 2005
Sparks, NV
My collection as it stands now after some downsizing........only 4 PC's in the Vintage Category

1985 Tandy 1000(A)
CHASSIS: Tandy 1000, 3-slot
PSU: 65W Tandy 1000 Proprietary
MOBO: Tandy 1000(A)
BIOS: Phoenix
CPU: Intel 8088/4.77 MHz
NPU: Not Present
RAM: 640K, 256K on Motherboard, 384K via Add-in Card
FDD: 360K DSDD 5.25" Floppy A:\ on Tandy Controller
HDD: 540MB Seagate EIDE ATA-66 HDD on VCF XT-IDE 1st Gen Controller
GPU: TGA, w/ CGA & Composite Outputs
AUD: 3-Voice DAC + PIT Audio, internal speaker unplugged to allow volume control through TV set
NET: Intel EtherExpress 16 in 8-bit Mode, 10mbps
O/S: MS-DOS 6.22 w/ Extra Tandy Stuff Installed (Deskmate, Tandy DOS 2.11 prioprietary items...etc...)
PER: T1000 Keyboard, Mitsubishi CS1984R 20" Color Stereo Console Television for a Monitor (Composite)
USE: Playing old Sierra AGI Games like Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest, and screensaver for the

1989 Apple Macintosh SE FDHD
CHASSIS: Macintosh SE
PSU: 100 Watt Apple Proprietary
MOBO: Macintosh SE FDHD
CPU: Motorola 68000 @8 MHz
NPU: none
RAM: 4MB on 30 Pin SIMMS
FDD: 1.4M on Default Controller
HDD: 60MB on Default SCSI Controller
GPU: Default 512X384 pixel 1-bit Video on B&W built-in Display
AUD: Built-In SOund System
NET: None
O/S: OS 6.1
PER: Apple Mac SE Keyboard, Apple 101 Key Enhanced Keyboard, 3rd Party Trackball, Mac SE Mouse, external 800K Floppy
USE: Old Macintosh Games

1990 GEM Computer Products 286
CHASSIS: SongCheer Full AT
PSU: 250 Watt Baby AT PSU in Full AT Casing
MOBO: Octek Rev.A FOX II Motherboard
CPU: Intel 80286 @ 12 MHz
NPU: ITT 802c86 Math Co-Processor
RAM: 6144K - 4MB on the Motherboard, 2 on RAMpAT ISA Expansion Card
FDD: 1.44MB 3.5" Epson Floppy A:, 1.2MB 3.5" Mitsubishi Drive B:
HDD: 540MB Seagate EIDE ATA-66 HDD on 16-bit ISA Multi I/O Controller
AUD: Creative SoundBlaster Vibra 16
NET: Intel EtherExpress 16
O/S: MS-DOS 6.22, with Windows 1.01, 2.03, 3.0, and 3.1 installed
PER: HP 1024X768 15" LCD, Creative Passive Speakers, PC-TRAC Trackball, 101 Key AT Keyboard, PC Pro-Pad 4 & 6
USE: Light E-mail and Web Surfing, Computer Games, Guitar Tablature, Writing, Graphics

2012 Frankenstein 486
PSU: Generic 150 Watt XT
MOBO: FIC 486-PVT, PGA LIF Socket 3
CPU: Intel 80486 DX2/66
NPU: onboard CPU
RAM: 64MB on 72 pin SIMMS
FDD: 1.44MB A:\ Sony, 1.2MB 5.25" TEAC B:\ on VLB Multi I/O Card
HDD: Maxtor 40GB ATA-133 w/ EZ-BIOS on VLB Multi I/O Card
GPU: S3 Trio SVGA, 1MB (expandable to 2MB)
AUD: SoundBlaster Pro 2 CT-1600
NET: Intel EtherExpress 16 in 8-bit Mode, 10mbps
O/S: Windows 95 OSR2, Windows For Workgroups 3.11, MS-DOS 7.10 (multiboot)
PER: Same Stuff as 286 (I Swap them out from time to time)
USE: Old Computer Games, Web Browsing, Learning Programming, Chat, IRC, DOS-era Graphics, Documents, Spreadsheets, Anti-DRM CD-RW Burning (93' Explorers don't like DRM Mix CD's), Biasing Tube Amps, MIDI Creation, light E-mail, BBS, Testing Software by forum members.