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collector form france


New Member
Jan 3, 2006
hi all
i'm laurent, i'm living in france and i'm collectioning SGI
this is my actual list:

Indy R5000 180Mhz 1Mb cache 256Mb ram, 2Gb HD, XGE graphics
indy R4400 200 Mhz 512kb cache ,128Mb ram, 2Gb hd, 8 bits Newport graphics
indigo R4000 100Mhz, 512Kb cache, 4Gb hd, GR2 4 Geometry Engine ELAN graphics
indigo 2 R10000 175Mhz 1Mb cache, 640Mb ram, 8Gb hd, MaxIpact graphics
indigo 2 R4400 250Mhz 2Mb cache 512Mb ram, 4Gb hd, HighImpact graphics
Octane R10000 250Mhz 1Mb cache 256Mb ram, 4Gb hd, SI + Tram graphics
Octane2 dual R12k 300 Mhz 2Mb cache eatch, 2Gb ram, 3x 36Gb hd, Odyssey Vpro graphics
IRIS 4D 510 CRIMSON, R4000 100Mhz 1Mb cache, 128Mb ram, 2x4 Gb hd, VGXT graphics
ONYX 4x R10000 195Mhz, 1,2Gb ram, 2x 8Gb ram, Infinite Reality graphics with 2RM6, 8 channels

that's all for this time